EnviraBoard Ltd. Now available for investments. SEIS applied.

EnviraBoard Ltd. Now available for investments. SEIS applied.


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EnviraBoard Ltd. is registered in England under Company number: 15730632.

Registered office address:

International House, South Molton Street, London, United Kingdom, W1K 5QF, web : enviraboard.com

Over the last 15 years, EnviraBoard has invested, developed, developed, prototyped, developed and market tested their carbon negative building boards. 

The boards are made from secondary paper waste that cannot be recycled and would normally go to landfill costing each recycling centre circa £9M per year to dispose of.

They are launching a SEED funding round on the 4th of July, to raise 2M.The  website has all further details..

Watch this video for more information about EnviraBoard: 

This is EnviraBoard

p.s by the way, the incumbent competition is Gypsum boards / plaster board – gypsum is a rock and we mine it and then try and glue it together, which is why quite often it falls apart when we try to put a picture up. It truly is a little absurd.

EnviraBoard conversely will be cheaper and better.

If you are interested in the benefits of SEIS tax support (max £250.000, - in total) you can register your interest by emailing me what amount you have in mind and once approved, the SEIS amount will be equally divided to the ones who registered.

For more information contact me at: pauld@practitech.com or pauld@350ppm.co.uk