350 PPM Ltd. Launches £1M Green Tech Incubator Fund.  Now Funding

350 PPM Ltd is registered in England under Company Number 07647973.

Registered Address: 350 PPM Ltd, 25 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, London, England, E14 4QZ, United Kingdom

Web: https://350ppm.co.uk/

Here is a 90 secs introduction Video:

90 sec 350 PPM video

Watch the 350 PPM 2023 Performance Video here: 350 PPM 2023 Performance Video

Click here for the latest 350 PPM Information Memorandum:

2024 04 10 350 PPM Information Memorandum.pdf

And here you can read the 350 PPM 10-year plan including financial details:

2024 04 09 350 PPM 10 year plan.pdf

350 PPM LTD is an incubator and accelerator for early-stage companies operating in the clean energy and environmental protection sectors. Working from within our clients’ companies we deliver a wide range of services to support and drive their business growth. Our team of 7 becomes part of their team, aligning our objectives to ensure can provide maximum guidance and expertise to achieve their business goals.

Our Services

•  Securing funding from a wide range of investors at key stages; this will include angel investors, family offices, venture capital funds, and institutional investors.

•  Providing input on developing business plans.

•  Preparing Information Memoranda and other marketing material to support the fund raising.

•  Sales, marketing, and PR campaigns to increase exposure of our clients with key audiences and other stakeholders.

•  Accountancy and financial management.

•  Utilising our established networks to recommend suitable professional service providers such as accountants and lawyers.

•  Acting as interim directors on client boards.

•  Setting up boards of directors to give direction and provide corporate governance.

•  Supporting clients with commercial contracts and negotiations with potential partners and suppliers.

•  Administration of Fundraises including; Subscription Bundles, Trade Ledgers, Shareholder Registers, Client KYC and Transaction Settlement and fulfilment.

350 PPM is working with/ involved in the following companies:

The average shareholding in these companies is 14%, always invested in the initial stage.

With the most recent ones being Megawatt Mosaic (2022, 02/2023), GreenMine/ Pyrolysise Ltd. (2022, now seeding), Organic Heat Exchangers and ENG8 international.

Occasionally shares are available outside the funding rounds, directly from 350 PPM, the relevant Company or from early-stage investors. 

If you prefer to invest in multiple Low Carbon stocks (like an ETF), direct investments in 350 PPM Ltd. (mayor shareholder in all assisted companies) might be the perfect solution for you. Click here for a free Information Memorandum with financial details: Register for 350 PPM Information Memorandum and regular updates.  

"Environmental investments are clearly the way forward to diversify any portfolio in the coming years or to start building extra financial security for the future. 40 to 60% of the average portfolio is expected to be Cleantech within the next few years."