UK and EU start-ups and young companies supported by 350 PPM Ltd.

350 PPM Ltd. is an UK environmental broker successfully supporting UK and EU start-ups with Marketing-, Administration- and Funding support., from start to listing or take-over. They are following the Silicon Valley funding principle. All companies are registered in the UK Companies House or corresponding EU company houses. Go to Learn More to download the PDF where MD Nick Dimmock explains the 350 PPM Ltd philosophy and how you can get a great ROI by supporting the environment.

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Latest Introductions to UK and EU start-ups and young comapnies

Exiting new investment opportunities and Introduction of verified Clean-Tech start-ups with our marketing support. Latest now: 350 PPM Ltd. is open for funding. GreenMine/ Pyrolysise Ltd. Funding Round 2: Open ENG8, validated (CoP5+) catalysed (cold) Nuclear Fusion: Funding Round successfully completed.

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Financials, Admin and Considerations

Our introduction service is free of charge for our clients. Applications and Payments are always made directly with the introduced companies. We will NEVER ask you to send Funds, Card- or Bank details. Investment opportunities are available for High Net Worth and Self-Certified Sophisticated Investors.