Build up a balanced portfolio with Successful UK and EU Environmental Start-ups and Young Companies is an independent introducing broker for cleantech start-up-/ Early stage companies.
This website is designed to inform you about highly recommended investment opportunities in companies that support the transition into a lower Carbon society, while offering a way over average return on short-/ mid- or long-term investments.
Our target is to help you build up a balanced, highly profitable cleantech portfolio that grows through the generated profits. A typical timeframe for start-up investments is 3 years from start till possible listing or take-over. Meanwhile, the shares can be tradable directly or on a secondary market. will only introduce companies with which we have a direct relation and which we have investigated thoroughly to the best of our possibilities.
Being introducing brokers, our introductions may not be seen as an investment advice. But we do believe that all introduced companies can contribute significantly to the creation of a greener, more liveable world for us and next generations, while giving you a high return. 
All investments will be made directly with the recommended companies.
Since November 2021 we are working very close with 350 PPM Ltd., benefitting from their expertise and long-term experience in the market of sustainable opportunities, with excellent results in various start-ups/ young companies.
Though start-up companies may give by far the highest revenues, you should always realize that they are high risk investments and you may lose (a part of) your investment.