22 Jul
Building your Cleantech portfolio

Working on a sustainable environment is a matter of making people aware, wherever possible prevent negative effects from happening and using resources efficient.

Technology can be a great support to sort the problems, as many inventors, engineers and technicians are putting a lot of effort in creating supporting solutions. Unfortunately, 90% appears not to be viable in today’s market. Either because of marketing-, management- or financial problems or simply because they are too expensive or not efficient on a larger scale. 

350 PPM picks out the most promising cleantech start-ups, evaluates product, people (mostly engineers) and suitability in their market segment. If all this is good enough, they offer support in management, marketing, administration and funding in return for participation in the company (Shares) and some commission. If we agree, we support them.  

Next stage is to create, together with the company management, a 3-year milestone program with funding rounds based on the targets the company has reached. This makes sure that the companies don’t have excess funds while building up to their target: Normally with a listing or take-over within 3 years. Share prices move up with the company valuation. 

Shares are always personal shares, so re-sale options are available during the process at market prices. 

Recommended is selling a part of the shared at a later funding round, when the share price is good enough, let the rest grow with the company and use the released funds to build up your Cleantech Portfolio with the next promising cleantech start-up. 

It should not be surprising that the companies 350 PPM is supporting all have a certain area on the highway to a better environment, thus creating possibilities for synthesis. 

Of course, start-ups are always high-risk investments and even the best due diligence can’t guarantee that the company reaches his (your) target. 

But, with a target of up to 50x rise in company valuation, in a balanced cleantech portfolio you would not be sad if 2 out of 10 companies would not reach their target. Even more if some of them would offer tax relieves (SEIS/EIS). 

Applications and payments are always handled by the company you invest in and they always have their own investor relations department.  We, Practitech.com, support you in this, keep you updated, help you building up your cleantech portfolio and make sure you won’t get unexpected surprises. There are no commissions to be paid by you.

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