26 Aug
Why invest in Cleantech startups.

While most markets are struggling now, Cleantech Start-ups provide a great investment opportunity. No matter what economic situation in the world, environment is and will stay a number one priority for many years to come. Especially “new” technologies are needed to make the transition affordable.

 Reducing our energy needs is one part of the solution, but only limited possible. 

A full transition is possible and in process, but takes time and has a huge price to pay. 

Using the generated energy on a more efficient way may be the fastest and cheapest accelerator to get to a much greener, environment friendlier and more independent energy household. 

Now more than ever, saving energy is important for every company, as CO2 rights are becoming more expensive, energy prices are rising sky high and less dependency obviously is showing to be very important. 

Many scientists and engineers worldwide are working on technical improvements that can help us stop wasting our costly generated energy. But they do need funding. 

Authorities can stimulate, but most of the funding has to come from private investors. 

It is estimated that up to 60% of investors’ portfolios will be linked to the Low Carbon/ Energy saving/ Environmental market in the coming years. This creates a huge opportunity for early investors in start-up companies. IF you have full information to do a good due diligence. 

The trick is to pick the solid ones and make sure they will reach their target. 

That is exactly what 350PPM Ltd. is doing and has done with an extensive research program    ( Sector research Reports) and a strict Milestone Funding approach linked to the targets that have to be reached by each funding round. This way, you always know where you are. 

350 PPM Ltd., UK based and registered, with worldwide relationships, has a long-term success record investigating, funding and supporting the most promising start-ups with excellent results. Making it a perfect base to build up/- build out your Low Carbon portfolio.

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